Pasta roni recipe


  • 2 boxes of pasta (any flavor)
  • Half a pack of bacon
  • 1 can of cooked chicken
  • 1/2 bell pepper, diced
  • Diced tomato (optional)
  • Grated Parmesan cheese (optional)
  • Salt, pepper, and other desired seasonings


  1. Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the boxes. Drain and set aside.
  2. While the pasta is cooking, cook the bacon until crispy. Once cooked, drain the excess fat and crumble the bacon into bits.
  3. In the same pan used for the bacon, add the canned chicken. Season it as desired and cook until heated through.
  4. Add the diced bell pepper to the pan with the chicken. Cook over medium heat until the peppers are soft, stirring often.
  5. Once the peppers are soft, combine the cooked pasta, bacon bits, chicken, and bell peppers in a large mixing bowl.
  6. Toss everything together until well combined.
  7. Serve the pasta mixture topped with diced tomato and grated Parmesan cheese, if desired.
  8. You can also serve the dish with garlic bread on the side, if available.

Enjoy your quick and easy meal!

Q: Can I use any type of pasta for this dish? A: Yes, you can use any type of pasta you prefer or have on hand. The recipe is versatile and works well with various pasta shapes and flavors.

Q: Can I substitute the canned chicken with fresh chicken? A: Yes, you can use fresh chicken instead of canned chicken. Simply cook and shred or cube the chicken before adding it to the dish.

Q: Is the bacon necessary for this recipe? A: While bacon adds a delicious flavor to the dish, you can omit it if you prefer or if you’re looking for a vegetarian option.

Q: How long does it take to make this pasta dish? A: The recipe takes about 15 minutes to prepare, plus the time needed to cook the pasta according to package instructions. It’s a quick and easy meal option for busy nights.

Q: Can I customize the seasoning in this dish? A: Absolutely! Feel free to adjust the seasoning to suit your taste preferences. You can add herbs, spices, or even a splash of sauce to enhance the flavor of the dish.