Cheesy bacon chicken pasta with broccoli

Cheesy bacon chicken pasta with broccoli
used 2 boxes of penne pasta
2 cans of rotel
2 bags of precooked rotisserie style chicken
I bag of broccoli
2 small bags of apple smoked real bacon bits
Small box of velveta cheese
Bag of El Paso 3 pepper cheese
I cooked the pasta and broccoli together, while that was boiling I melted the velveta with one can of rotel.
Warmed the chicken up. Once the pasta was done and drained I added the bag of shredded cheese to the pasta and mixed in til melted. I then added the melted cheese in the pasta and bacon bits with the pasta.
I then added the other can of rotel. Mix well and serve. You can add whatever shredded cheese you like. I just wanted more of a kick to my pasta.