No bake Pumpkin Pie

Absolutely, here’s the recipe for the No-Bake Pumpkin Pie with a delightful twist, perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities:

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, why not add a twist to the classic pumpkin pie? This No-Bake Pumpkin Pie recipe is not only delicious but also budget-friendly, using Great Value brand ingredients. Each layer brings a burst of flavor, creating a delightful treat for your holiday table. Plus, it’s quick and easy to make, leaving you more time to enjoy the festivities!


  • 2 cups canned pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • Two 8-ounce containers of whipped cream
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg
  • One 3.4-ounce box vanilla pudding mix
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 pre-made crusts (such as graham cracker)


  1. First Layer:
    • In a bowl, blend together the softened cream cheese, sugar, and one container of whipped cream using a hand mixer until smooth.
    • Divide the mixture evenly into the bottom of your pre-made pie crusts.
  2. Second Layer:
    • In another bowl, mix the vanilla pudding and milk until it thickens.
    • Add 2 cups of canned pumpkin to the pudding mixture.
    • Stir in the cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin pie spice.
    • Divide this pumpkin-pudding mixture evenly over the first layer in the pie crusts.
  3. Third Layer:
    • Split the second container of whipped cream and spread it over the pies as the final layer.
  4. Chill and Serve:
    • Refrigerate the pies for at least 4 hours or until set.
    • Prior to serving, you can optionally garnish with additional whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon, or a few nutmeg shavings for a festive touch.
  5. Slice and Enjoy:
    • Once chilled, slice and serve this delightful No-Bake Pumpkin Pie. The layers of creaminess and spice make it a unique and tasty addition to your Thanksgiving dessert spread.

This no-bake pumpkin pie is sure to be a hit with its creamy layers and classic fall flavors. Enjoy the ease of preparation and the delightful taste that this twist on a Thanksgiving classic brings to your table.

Absolutely, let’s address some popular questions about this No-Bake Pumpkin Pie:

Q1: Can I use fresh pumpkin instead of canned pumpkin? A1: Yes, you can use fresh pumpkin puree. Just make sure it’s well-drained and has a similar consistency to canned pumpkin.

Q2: Can I use a different type of crust? A2: Certainly! While the recipe suggests graham cracker crusts, you can use a traditional pie crust or even a chocolate cookie crust for added flavor.

Q3: Can I make this ahead of time? A3: Yes, this pie is perfect for making ahead. It’s recommended to refrigerate for at least 4 hours, but you can also make it the night before your event.

Q4: Can I substitute whipped cream with a non-dairy alternative? A4: Yes, you can use non-dairy whipped topping if you prefer a dairy-free option.

Q5: Is the pie overly sweet with the addition of sugar and vanilla pudding mix? A5: The sweetness level is moderate, but you can adjust the sugar amount to your taste. If you prefer a less sweet pie, you can reduce the sugar in the cream cheese layer.

Q6: Can I use a sugar substitute for a lower-calorie version? A6: Yes, you can substitute sugar with a sugar alternative suitable for baking.

Q7: What can I use if I don’t have pumpkin pie spice? A7: If you don’t have pumpkin pie spice, you can make your own by combining cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

Q8: Can I freeze this No-Bake Pumpkin Pie? A8: It’s not recommended to freeze this pie as the texture may change when thawed. It’s best enjoyed fresh from the refrigerator.

Q9: Can I make individual mini pies instead of one large pie? A9: Absolutely! You can use mini pie crusts or ramekins to create individual servings.

Q10: Can I add a layer of chocolate or caramel sauce? A10: Yes, you can drizzle chocolate or caramel sauce between the layers or on top for an extra indulgent touch.

Q11: What can I garnish the pie with for serving? A11: You can garnish with additional whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon, or a few nutmeg shavings for a festive presentation.

Q12: Can I use a different flavor of pudding mix? A12: While vanilla pudding adds a creamy texture, you can experiment with other flavors like butterscotch or caramel for a unique twist.

Feel free to ask if you have any more questions or need further clarification!

helpful tips to make your No-Bake Pumpkin Pie even more delightful No-Bake Pumpkin Pie

helpful tips to make your No-Bake Pumpkin Pie even more delightful No-Bake Pumpkin Pie

  1. Freshly Whipped Cream: Instead of using store-bought whipped cream, whip your own for the freshest and fluffiest topping. Add a touch of vanilla extract to the cream while whipping for extra flavor.
  2. Toasted Pecan Garnish: Consider adding a layer of toasted pecans on top of the whipped cream for a delightful crunch and nutty flavor that complements the pumpkin.
  3. Ginger Snap Crust: Swap out the traditional graham cracker crust for a ginger snap crust. The spiciness of ginger adds a zesty kick that pairs well with the pumpkin.
  4. Pumpkin Seed Crunch: Sprinkle toasted pumpkin seeds on top for an extra layer of texture and a nod to the pumpkin theme.
  5. Maple Drizzle: Before serving, drizzle a bit of real maple syrup over each slice. The sweetness of maple syrup complements the pumpkin flavor beautifully.
  6. Chocolate Swirls: Create chocolate swirls on the top layer of whipped cream for a visually appealing and decadent touch. Use chocolate syrup or melted chocolate for the swirls.
  7. Caramel Sauce: Drizzle caramel sauce over the whipped cream for a sweet and buttery addition that elevates the overall taste.
  8. Chilled Serving Plates: Place your serving plates in the freezer for a short time before serving. This helps keep the pie cold and refreshing, especially if you’re serving on a warm day.
  9. Individual Servings: Instead of a full pie, consider making individual servings in small jars or glasses. It not only looks cute but also makes serving and cleanup a breeze.
  10. Seasonal Spice Blend: Experiment with your own pumpkin spice blend by combining cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and a hint of ginger. Adjust the quantities to suit your taste preferences.
  11. Layered Decor: Create a mini autumn scene on top of the pie by placing a few edible fall decorations like small fondant pumpkins or edible flowers.
  12. Serve with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream: If you’re feeling indulgent, serve each slice with a scoop of high-quality vanilla ice cream. The contrast of cold ice cream and the creamy pumpkin layers is delightful.
  13. Fresh Mint Garnish: Add a few fresh mint leaves as a garnish. The mint’s freshness provides a nice contrast to the rich flavors of the pie.

Remember, the key is to have fun experimenting and tailoring the pie to your preferences. Enjoy creating and savoring this delightful No-Bake Pumpkin Pie!

Certainly! Achieving the perfect No-Bake Pumpkin Pie involves a few secrets to enhance its flavor, texture, and overall appeal. Here are some tips to ensure your No-Bake Pumpkin Pie is absolutely perfect:

  1. Quality Ingredients:
    • Use high-quality canned pumpkin for a rich and authentic pumpkin flavor.
    • Opt for fresh, high-fat whipped cream for a light and fluffy texture.
  2. Cream Cheese Consistency:
    • Ensure the cream cheese is softened to room temperature before blending. This helps in achieving a smooth and creamy texture for the first layer.
  3. Balanced Sweetness:
    • Taste the filling as you go and adjust the sugar accordingly. This ensures a perfectly balanced sweetness that complements the pumpkin and spices.
  4. Pumpkin Spice Harmony:
    • Adjust the amounts of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin pie spice to your taste preference. Balancing these spices is key to achieving that quintessential pumpkin pie flavor.
  5. Thickening the Pudding Layer:
    • When mixing the vanilla pudding and milk, make sure to allow it to thicken adequately before adding the canned pumpkin. This ensures a stable second layer that holds its shape when sliced.
  6. Even Layer Distribution:
    • Divide each layer evenly to create a well-balanced pie. This ensures that each bite has a perfect combination of the creamy cheesecake layer, spiced pumpkin layer, and fluffy whipped cream topping.
  7. Chilling Time:
    • Allow the pie to chill in the refrigerator for the recommended time (at least 4 hours) or until it is fully set. This helps the layers meld together and enhances the overall texture.
  8. Garnish Creatively:
    • Consider garnishing the pie with additional whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon, or freshly grated nutmeg just before serving. This not only adds visual appeal but also enhances the aroma and flavor.
  9. Pre-Chill the Crust:
    • For a firmer crust, pre-chill the pie crusts before adding the first layer. This prevents the crust from becoming soggy when combined with the creamy fillings.
  10. Experiment with Crust Varieties:
    • While graham cracker crusts are a popular choice, you can experiment with different crusts such as ginger snap or even a chocolate crust to add an extra layer of flavor.
  11. Serve Chilled but Not Frozen:
    • While it’s tempting to freeze the pie for a quick set, avoid doing so. Freezing can alter the texture and flavor, so opt for refrigeration for the best results.
  12. Personalize and Experiment:
    • Feel free to experiment with additional ingredients such as a drizzle of caramel sauce, a sprinkle of chopped pecans, or a dash of bourbon for a unique twist.

By keeping these secrets in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect No-Bake Pumpkin Pie that’s rich, flavorful, and sure to be a highlight of your Thanksgiving dessert spread.