Hibachi style fried rice, and chicken.



I learned this recipe at one of my accounts that’s a Hibachi restaurant. It’s super easy and cheap to make! I made my own twist to make it cheaper and faster. By far my favorite meal, and my friends and family loves it so much.
Ingredients you’ll need:
Chicken Breast
One minute rice (quick and easy and can get it for $1)
Eggs (I usually put 4)
White onion (I use half)
Kikkoman Teriyaki Glaze
Soy sauce
Salt & Pepper
Your preference in vegetables (hubby hates veggies but I love broccoli).
Cut your chicken breast in cubes.
Finely chop your onion.
Have your rice ready (microwaved or make it yourself).
In a skillet, you’ll add a scoop of butter, let it simmer.
Add your diced chicken, cook on all sides.
Once cooked you’ll add a generous amount of teriyaki glaze, and soy sauce.
Add a little pepper if you’d like.
Once the sauce is hot (medium temp) you can add your vegetables.(drop to low temp)
Once veggies are cooked to your preference, you can put aside.
On a separate skillet add some butter, add your onions, let it cook for a minute, then add your eggs, and make a scramble but chopped, till it’s cooked, then add your rice. Mix it, then add a spoon of butter, drizzle of soy sauce, mix mix mix. Add a dash of salt and pepper. If you want to add veggies to your rice this is the time. Cook the rice for about 5 minutes.
Plate it, serve, enjoy!👩🏻‍🍳💋