Cheap Pizza Calzones

Cheap Pizza Calzones! 🍕
Pillsbury Pizza Crust (Thin Crust) – $2.64
*Any frozen pizza crust will work! I’ve used other doughs for this meal before, and they worked just fine! I just grabbed thin crust because it’s what they had.*
Armour Pepperoni – $2.50
Mozzarella Cheese – $2.38
You can add way more than this, but this is all we had. We’ve added ground sausage before, and it was really good!
Total: $7.52 before tax!
*If I add up the butter, garlic powder and italian season mix, the total would be $9.22 before tax!!*
1. Preheat oven to 425, or whatever your dough says.
2. Then put aluminum foil down, SPRAY IT, and add your dough. Trust me when I say spray it. I learned the hard way 😅
3. Roll out the dough, and cut it into 4 pieces. Or more/less if you’d like!
4. Add pepperoni, then cheese. Alternate between cheese and pepperoni until you think it’s enough.
5. Fold the dough over, and press down the sides and front. Then take a fork and press down to completely seal it.
6. Cut 2-3 small slits in the top.
7. Melt some butter, then add garlic powder and italian seasoning!
8. Add this all over them, and then bake for 12ish minutes!
Lastly, serve with your favorite dipping sauce & ENJOY!