Campfire Eclairs

Here’s the full recipe for Campfire Eclairs:


  • 1 can of biscuits
  • 1 can of icing (chocolate, vanilla, or any flavor of your choice)
  • Pudding or filling of your choice (such as chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, or fruit filling)


  1. Prepare your campfire or outdoor fire pit. Make sure it’s at a medium heat level and has a bed of hot coals.
  2. Open the can of biscuits and separate them.
  3. Take each biscuit and flatten it slightly with your hands.
  4. Place a spoonful of pudding or filling of your choice in the center of each biscuit.
  5. Carefully fold the biscuit dough over the filling, pinching the edges together to seal it completely. Roll it into a ball to ensure the filling is enclosed.
  6. Skewer each filled biscuit onto a clean stick or skewer.
  7. Hold the biscuit over the campfire, rotating it regularly to ensure even cooking. Cook for about 5-7 minutes, or until the biscuit is golden brown and cooked through.
  8. Once the biscuit is cooked, carefully remove it from the stick.
  9. Use a spoon or knife to create a small hole in the center of the biscuit where the filling is located.
  10. Fill the hole with icing from the can.
  11. Serve and enjoy your delicious campfire eclairs!

Note: Be cautious when working with the campfire and hot sticks. Make sure to supervise children if they’re involved in the cooking process. Additionally, feel free to get creative with the fillings and toppings to customize your campfire eclairs to your liking!

Some popular questions and their answers related to Campfire Eclairs might include:

  1. How do you cook Campfire Eclairs?
    • Campfire Eclairs are cooked over an open flame, such as a campfire or fire pit. Skewer the filled biscuit dough onto a clean stick or skewer and roast it over the fire until golden brown.
  2. What fillings can you use for Campfire Eclairs?
    • You can use a variety of fillings for Campfire Eclairs, such as chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, fruit filling, or even marshmallow fluff. Get creative and use your favorite flavors!
  3. Can I use homemade biscuit dough for Campfire Eclairs?
    • Yes, you can use homemade biscuit dough if you prefer. Simply prepare the biscuit dough according to your favorite recipe, flatten it slightly, add the filling, and cook it over the campfire as instructed.
  4. How do you prevent the biscuit dough from burning over the campfire?
    • To prevent the biscuit dough from burning, make sure the campfire is at a medium heat level with a bed of hot coals. Rotate the skewered biscuits regularly while cooking to ensure even browning.
  5. Can I use different types of icing for Campfire Eclairs?
    • Yes, you can use different types of icing for Campfire Eclairs. While traditional chocolate or vanilla icing is commonly used, you can experiment with different flavors to suit your taste preferences.
  6. Are Campfire Eclairs suitable for vegetarians?
    • Campfire Eclairs can be made vegetarian-friendly by using vegetarian-friendly biscuit dough, pudding, and icing options. Be sure to check the ingredients of the products you use to ensure they align with a vegetarian diet.